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Introducing our new slate of Prolific North features


This year, Prolific North has continued to shine a light on some of the fascinating people who make up the digital and creative industries in the North.

Our programme of regular features provides a wealth of valuable insight for anyone interested in the people behind the jobs and the things that make them tick.

Our Week in My Life has provided a day-by-day dive into the working weeks of people as diverse as Code Computerlove MD Rob Jones, Zuto CEO James Wilkinson and MD Catherine Warrilow.

Senior industry figures including Brazen MD Sasha Marks, TalkTalk Business MD Mark Sellers and Aurora CEO Dawn Paine have offered some brilliant gems through our What I’ve Learnt feature.

And we’ve also been able to glimpse inside people’s workspaces, whether at home or in the office. Companies we’ve covered have included connective3 in Leeds, RecodeXR Studio in Manchester and Impression Studio in Harrogate.

Introducing new features

We’re now looking to refresh and expand our portfolio of regular feature strands. While keeping A Week in My Life, What I’ve Learnt and Where We Work, we are today launching two new regular features: How I Became and My Influences.

Here’s our new slate of features and details of how to get in touch:

  • What I’ve Learnt – We quiz senior industry leaders on their illustrious careers. In these pieces, you’ll discover both pearls of wisdom and hidden secrets from the careers of the North’s key figures. Contact:
  • A Week in My Life – Everyone loves hearing stories from other people in business. Find out what it’s like to live the life of some of the North’s most influential business people and entrepreneurs as we take a look through a busy week in their life. Contact:
  • Where We Work – Where do you work? This feature will give people an insight into your workspace, whether in an office or at home. Contact:
  • How I Became – This new Q&A format will give a valuable insight into how senior people entered and progressed in their particular careers. Contact: 
  • My Influences – What inspired the way you work and the career path you have taken? This new feature will see industry people pick three things (people, places, events etc) that have influenced their working lives. Contact:

Get in touch and help us to continue to tell the story of the people behind the North’s digital and creative industries.


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