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World’s biggest women’s network rebrands with Propaganda

AllBright, the world’s biggest collective of women in business, has revealed a new look, created by Leeds-based Propaganda.

The organisation, which began as a Mayfair members club, now has a global reach of 2.8m each month. It recently established AllBright Alliance to create “a future of work where all genders thrive” with partners including HSBC, Spotify, Adidas and Goldman Sachs.

Propaganda’s role was to strengthen and unify its distinct divisions under one brand.

Strategy Director, Tom Fowler explained that they found there was a discrepancy between the way women’s networks speak about success, and the way women actually feel. 

“From our research, it was clear that ambition has become a very loaded term for working women – something they feel pressured to aspire towards, yet a concept that feels very constraining and often means sacrificing family and work life balance. 

“AllBright’s opportunity was to redefine how its members see ambition and transform the working world for women from bottom up and from top down. Rather than simply giving women a seat at the table, AllBright needed to create a new table.”

The rebrand to ‘redefining ambition’ is aimed at repositioning AllBright “working to transform ambition, empower its members and supercharge businesses to be more equitable and inclusive.” 

Propaganda added that “the spirit of collaboration that is at the heart of AllBright runs through the creative.”

“With our new creative direction, we are celebrating the resilience, tenacity, and brilliance of women who are unapologetically ambitious,” said Viv Paxinos CEO of AllBright said: “”

“Together with our members, we are reclaiming ambition, shaping our own destinies, and making a profound impact not just in our lives, but in the world of business and beyond.’’

AllBright has also taken out its first OOH campaign, with creative displayed on billboards across London commuter sites. 

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