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Communications and events company Sundae Communications, which specialises in entertainment and culture, was forced to rapidly adapt due to the impact of COVID-19 on the sector.

ABC CoLAB is a workspace specifically designed to accommodate the new world of work brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Claire co-founded The Audit Lab in 2017 and is passionate about communication, as well as providing top results for clients.

Many retailers are planning a digital transformation in 2021, as COVID-19 pushes shops to shift their focus to eCommerce. Visualsoft's Partners Director explores what part agencies play in this.

Glasgow-born Warren Jacobs launched ActiveWin in Manchester in 2003 - an agency that now boasts more than 140 employees, and is constanty expanding its digital marketing solution.

Ponderosa was recently named one of the highest climbers in this year's Top 50 Integrated Agencies, and is one of the region's leading creative agencies.

Charlotte Nichols founded Harvey & Hugo in 2009 - a PR, content, design and social media marketing agency based in Darlington.


Trish Tothova, Marketing & Sales Manager at Enjoy Digital share her insights on the Ecommerce landscape and how this year will earmark a bigger shift to online marketplaces.

Deb Hetherington leads innovation activities at Bruntwood SciTech in Leeds, from its state-of-the-art base at Platform, situated right next to the city's transport hub.

Josh Walshaw, Developer & Backend Manager at 6B, has shared the top five tech trends he expects to see throughout 2021 - from the enthusiasm for mobile-first solutions through to new digital innovations.


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