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Now I’m feeling Scandified: WDC Creative designs Klättermusen’s debut store in native Sweden

Manchester-based design consultancy WDC Creative has created the flagship, first store for premium outdoor brand Klättermusen in its home country of Sweden.

The landmark opening marks another milestone in the brand’s expansion following the opening of the very first Klättermusen store, also designed by WDC Creative, on King’s Road, London.

Klättermusen is an outdoor clothing brand known for refined mountaineering equipment that appeals to both casual outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. As a brand, Klättermusen looks to minimise environmental impact, something WDC Creative has mirrored in the store design.

WDC Creative’s relationship with Klättermusen started several years ago, beginning with a bespoke concept that articulated the brand and its ethos. This concept has been developed through to application for both the London and Stockholm sites.

The new Stockholm site is 70 square metres, which have been meticulously designed to enhance customer interaction and engagement. WDC Creative incorporated a wall of product with a large, open space in front of the bag wall, and strategically placed a nearby cash desk to foster organic interactions between customers and staff.

By extending the height of the space and reinstalling high-level windows, natural light was maximised, creating a calm, minimalistic environment and respite from the bustling shopping street outside.

Drawing on successful aspects of the London store, Stockholm features digital screens and flexible fixtures that adapt to various displays and in-store events. This dynamic, ever-changing retail environment allows customers to interact with Klättermusen’s innovative and sustainable product range in a space designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The interior palette is curated to provide a calm and minimalistic space, with a textured plastered backdrop for the merchandising wall. Panelled timber accents in the fitting rooms and cash desk area delineate these spaces as dedicated interaction zones.

The finishes used in the store are inspired by nature, such as the patterned linoleum flooring, reminiscent of alpine igneous rocks, working with the tones of metals and recycled speckled plastic tops. This clean, minimalistic palette complements the modern products on display, providing the perfect backdrop while embodying the brand’s identity of minimal environmental impact. Acoustic ceiling panels add a warming touch, ensuring the store remains a relaxing place to browse, interact, and retreat from the noise outside.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Klättermusen’s journey in creating their flagship store in their home country,” said Jason West, managing director at WDC Creative. “Our design approach focused on crafting a unique and engaging retail experience that reflects Klättermusen’s innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability.”

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