YouGov report explores in depth how brands can reach tech consumers worldwide

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by Charlie Spargo

Today sees the release of YouGov’s latest whitepaper, a report on early adopters of consumer technology around the world and how best to reach them.

Prolific North has partnered with the research leader to share the report, which is called ‘First in line: Early technology adopters around the globe’ and drills down into the behaviour of adopters of tech in Great Britain, USA, Germany, France, India and Indonesia, as well a taking a wider global look at early adopters based on data from 25 separate markets.

Around the world, the report finds that 17% of consumers can be defined as “early adopters” - a combination of those dedicated followers who are actively looking for new technology to purchase, and the first wave of buyers who are keen to use new tech. On the other hand, 38% are “latecomers” - those who only look for new technology when the tech they currently use becomes obsolete.

Around the world, different markets have very different breakdowns of tech consumers, with Europe’s early adopters smaller than North America’s or Asia’s. This varies even further on a country level, as the report ultimately shows.

The report sets out to answer the question of how brands can effectively identify, understand and target the international and difficult-to-define group of technophiles which this whitepaper looks at. It then builds on this, providing guidance to tech brands who want to reach all consumers, not just the tech-focused.

This ambitious whitepaper takes a nation-by-nation look at attitudes to technology, drilling down not just on a geographical level but also to individual tech solutions. After profiling the early adopters of tech, it turns its focus to smart home tech, wearables, digital assistants, and beyond.

And while global attitudes can’t be neatly categorised by one overall finding, the whitepaper makes a number of exciting and interesting findings - including Great Britain’s high rate of latecomers to tech, who make up nearly half the population; the promising nature of markets in South and South East Asia, in some parts where dedicated followers make up the largest portion of consumers; and how the diversity of attitudes worldwide should be drawn upon by sellers to help them reach a wider audience.

It features a sweeping look at markets internationally and in rapidly developing areas like India, as well as providing practical and specific insights into what consumers want in Great Britain and Western Europe, making it a valuable resource for marketers and manufacturers of all shapes and sizes.

To download the full whitepaper and learn all about the consumer tech market globally and locally, fill out the form below.

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