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Where I WFH: Bruce Mead, CTO and Co-founder, AYKO


AYKO is a full-service eCommerce agency with its head office in Leeds and others in Manchester, Dublin and Nagpur, India.

The agency was launched from the merging of agencies Two Jay, Vortex and Eralis. It now employs a team of more than 80 eCommerce professionals, including developers, designers, project managers, quality analysts, UX specialists and marketers.

In the past, AYKO has successfully created eCommerce experiences for Ironman, Traidcraft, JML and more.

We took a look behind the scenes at how Bruce’s WFH setup looks…

Where in the house do you work?

I’ve converted my second bedroom into a dedicated office space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

Paint a picture for us of the view from your window.

Living in Leeds city centre, all my views are looking over the city from the North. So there’s always something to look at, even during the pandemic.

If you have one, can you talk us through your home-working daily routine?

I normally start my day a few hours earlier than the rest of my team so I can focus on the things that are important to me and that help grow the business. Then after that, most mornings are spent catching up with my teams, working through blockers and escalations.


The late morning and afternoon I use for my business as usual tasks, which for me are technical tasks, client calls, pitches, interviews, etc.

Which tools and technology do you rely on when working from home?

The biggies are Slack and Google Meet which cover 95% of internal and client-facing communications. In terms of hardware, I switch between my Dell XPS and a custom desktop depending on the intensity of the workload, both running our own re-spin of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

What do you miss most about working from an office?

For me being part of the technical team, the peace and quiet and lack of distraction has really aided my productivity. That said, on a more personal level I definitely miss the energy of the office, the banter and being able to have the occasional after-work social.

What tips do you have for increasing productivity while working from home?

One of the biggest shifts for me working from home has been to reduce from three monitors down to one larger one. This has really helped me stay focused on the task at hand and not get distracted by Slack, emails and other non-important things.

On top of that I have a comfortable ergonomic desk space. I’ve personally chosen a sit/stand desk, which is great to switch things up throughout the day and helps to reduce fatigue.

Will you look to work from home more in the future?

Yes, most definitely, but I do look forward to the odd days back in the office.

How do you think the workplace will change in the future?

Like us, many companies have now had a good taste of the positives and negatives of working remotely. I see it vary based on the type of role undertaken, but we’ll of course see a massive increase of remote working teams. For us, we see more of a hybrid approach so we can get the benefits of both.

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