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Workerbee gets in the ring with boxing legends

Tyson vs Bruno

Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno are to tell the story of their rivalry in a new Workerbee documentary.

The 4-part series, Four Kings, will launch on Prime next year and examines their meteoric rise to fame.

The Manchester production company, which is part of Banijay UK, focuses on one of the biggest weeks in British boxing history, when half a billion viewers tuned in to their fights in 1991.

“The time when these four legends ruled the world of boxing was a golden era for British sport, and so to bring them all together to reveal their soaring highs and emotional lows in a premium box set is a blessing,” said Rick Murray, CEO Workerbee Group.

It’s executive produced by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald (Whitney, Janet, Bruno V Tyson) and Murray. 

The 4 boxers came from the same London neighbourhood and also credited with helping to change the way that Britain viewed its black athletes.

The series will feature new interviews, plus archive clips which will reveal their struggles away from the ring, including with mental health issues.

“I was delighted and honoured to be part of this film. This period of time in boxing history was a special time and each of the 4 individual stories interwoven was part of World Boxing folklore,” explained Frank Bruno.

“Each of us had our own ‘character’ in and out of the ring which kept the boxing and non-boxing fans hooked around the TV or desperate to get actual tickets for the fights. The boxing world has moved on some say for the better but this is a unique story. If it was fiction it would be a best seller. Will we see four boxers like us boxing in the same period ever again? I doubt it. I still say to people, have a look at the fights of that period including mine and show your younger family. You know wot I mean ‘arry!”      

Lennox Lewis added:

“It is pretty special to have been on this journey through the 80s and 90s, and a privilege to share the story with Frank, Nigel & Chris on screen. Whilst we had our own lanes, our own processes and experiences, we had the combined desire to get to the top and we achieved that, in the process we made history as the first ones to do it for Britain and the rest have followed. Everybody knows what happened in the fights, but they didn’t see what led up to the fight, the rivalries were real, we all wanted to outdo each other, I’m excited that this series will give the public a chance to see behind the curtain.”

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