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Wolfstar closes London office after Sony loss


Wolfstar PR, which is run from Leeds, has closed its London office after the loss of its Sony Mobile account.

The office in London was established in 2013 at a time when the co-founder Tim Sinclair was seeking to move the agency’s centre of operations from Leeds to London.

Wolfstar co-founder Tim Sinclair

With rumours about Wolfstar widely circulating in Yorkshire in 2013 following a series of client losses and staff departures, Sinclair told Prolific North that the agency had indeed been through a “torrid 18 months” but that he was optimistic things were about to improve as he was in the process of rebuilding Wolfstar into a London-based agency with international aspirations.

He also added that he’d found a new private backer who had invested a six-figure sum into Wolfstar which combined with further cost reductions, had allowed the agency to get back onto its feet, albeit with the new focus on London.

Sinclair founded the agency with the well-known blogger Stuart Bruce but the two went their separate ways in 2011.

Sinclair told Prolific North that “no-one has been made redundant and I have emails from every one of them to that effect. I you want to be certain – ask them for their redundancy notices.”

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