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Wearable tech start-up with $1bn aspirations opens Manchester R&D facility


Prevayl, a Manchester-based start-up specialising in smart, tech-powered textiles has opened a new research and development facility in the city.

The company is set to launch a range of intelligent fitness clothing, which will enable people to “accelerate their workouts like never before” because they can track the body’s biodata and see how the body responds.

“Self-monitoring is the future of healthcare and performance,” explained CEO, Adam Croft.

“People will be able to make informed decisions on their own data and will be able to act fast, ahead of time. There’ll be no miss-diagnosis. Real-time information will be key.”

The new R&D facility is based in the Museum of Science and Industry and is made up of experts across IP, software, textiles and design.

“At Prevayl, we pride ourselves on our tight collaboration across all our departments,” said Michael John Lynch, Director of Electronics.

“Having the development happen right in the heart of the city within walking distance from our main office helps us keep that connection strong.”

In May last year, the company said it planned to become Manchester’s first $1bn startup, within a year.

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