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Preston legal battle leads to legal AI breakthrough


In Preston, Lancashire, UK, a personal legal battle has led to a surprise AI innovation, transforming how people access and engage with legal information.

Preston local Adrian B was at first distressed when his wife faced an unjust job dismissal during pregnancy. This initial adversity birthed a breakthrough AI tool, however, LawMate.AI, which is designed to bring accessible legal clarity to those in need.

Adrian’s pursuit of justice propelled the development of AI-powered legal assistant LawMate. The virtual legal chatbot became his companion, guiding him through the complexities of employment law, assisting in tribunal representation, and strategically planning his case.

In March 2023, the couple entered the court with LawMate.AI’s legal knowledge at their fingertips and emerged victorious. The triumph was a significant moment, sparking an idea in Adrian’s mind – if LawMate.AI could help him so effectively, could it not benefit the wider public?

After weeks of diligent fine-tuning, they have transformed LawMate.AI into a reliable, 24/7 legal assistant. Officially launching on 22nd May 2023, LawMate.AI uses AI technology to provide legal information and answer questions based on legal principles, case law, and regulations across various legal areas.

LawMate.AI is more than an AI-based legal platform – it is “a beacon of hope for individuals navigating legal challenges.” While it doesn’t replace professional legal advice, it complements it, making the law more accessible and understandable, saving time and potentially significant costs in preliminary legal research.

The Lawmate team explained on the website: “With determination and a deep-rooted belief in the power of AI, we transformed ChatGPT into LawMate. A virtual assistant is adept at parsing legal jargon and providing clear, comprehensive advice.”

Lawmate.AI is currently available on a range of subscription plans through its website, with Android and Apple app versions under development.

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