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Hull company behind UK’s first AI employee agrees exclusive deal with Better Placed Tech


Better Placed Tech has agreed an exclusive partnership with the Hull-based company behind the UK’s first AI employee.

Last week we revealed that tech firm February had developed Avery Ingram, the first AI employee and the world’s first AI software developer.

Developed by February’s team of software and AI designers, Avery has already been appointed to a series of generative AI software support roles as a senior full-stack developer.

Now Better Placed Tech, recently announced as a Sunday Times Top 10 Best Places to Work 2023 with offices in Leeds and Manchester, has agreed an exclusivity deal with February and has begun actively marketing Avery.

Avery has the ability to work 24/7 and be onboarded within three days.

But Jonathan Moran, Tech Director at Better Placed Tech, says that the AI candidate will enhance rather than replace roles, mainly at junior developer level.

He said: “Typically, there’s always been some ambiguity around the role of a junior developer.

Jonathan Moran, Tech Director at Better Placed Tech

“Added to this, the landscape has changed from businesses preferring computer science graduates from respected universities to being more open to self-taught developers and those who have come from code camps.

“This has led to differing expectations of what a junior developer can and can’t do and how long it takes for them to become effective and profitable for a business.”

He added: “Too often recruiters bear the brunt from their clients when things do not work out. Avery can be onboarded and effective within three days on a permanent or project basis and her capabilities can be clearly demonstrated prior to her starting work.”

February had appointed Mark Kuhillow – previously CEO of Single View which was acquired by Awin in 2021 – as Go-to-Market (GTM) advisor supporting its commercial and GTM activities.

And Moran added: “I’ve known Mark for many years having recruited tech staff for several businesses he’s been involved in.

“When he introduced the concept of Avery and his role as GTM advisor for February I was incredibly excited about how it could revolutionise the processes at many of my clients.

“To be clear, Avery is here to enhance the role of software developers, not replace them.”

Ash Lewis, CEO of February, said: “While we are obviously breaking new ground with Avery, this is not about taking developers’ jobs as she is there only to modify code rather than create new code; all code will still need to be revised and the acceptance criteria written by the development team.”

Better Placed Tech has a number of available licences and is currently in talks with a number of clients about working with Avery.

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