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One Day Agency launches new 3D studio


One Day is bringing 3D anamorphic outdoor advertising to brands of all sizes by reinforcing its creative team with best-in-class 3D modelling and animation.

The agency launches its new 3D studio today, and says that this form of advertising, offering three-dimensional visuals and creates an experience that instantly hooks passers by, potentially leading to greater attention and engagement. Its 3D billboards or 3D anamorphic billboards are a type of digital out-of-home advertising that can be placed or played on any LED screen by tricking the viewer’s perception.

One Day CEO Ricardo Seixas said: “Currently, 3D naked-eye billboards sit only in the dreams of large brands as we all see and share in LinkedIn due to its high costs and budgets. That couldn’t be further from the truth since these are not high-cost technical barriers and you can do 3D adverts on any digital screen at the cost of any 3D work. So, as with our other investments in martech in the out-of-home media planning space to flatten technical hurdles and deliver value to clients, we are investing further this time unlocking big brand opportunities to any brand.”

One Day was founded in 2020 during the pandemic and claims to currently be among the fastest-growing agencies in the North West.

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