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Learn about Quality Scores and much more at next week’s PPC training course


Join us on Wednesday for the PPC 101 training course – part of our trio of digital marketing essentials courses, which also includes SEO and Google Analytics.

This year, we’ve hosted the very first SEO 101 and Google Analytics 101 courses, and the first PPC 101 takes place on November 6th. All three courses are running on a rotating basis, and can be taken in any order.

Led by Ethan Giles, Senior Operations Manager at, the digital marketing courses cover the vital fundamentals necessary for marketers to know.


The PPC course will help attendees understand the situations PPC is best for, how to effectively run their own campaign, and provide techniques for successful paid search campaigns.

There will also be the unmissable opportunity to bring your own PPC challenges to the session, and discuss them in detail with Ethan. The event takes place between 9:30am and 4pm, and includes complimentary lunch for ticket holders, as well as access to training content to take away.

Happening at Prolific North’s HQ on Princess Street in Manchester, all or one of the digital marketing courses provide an essential grounding for those working in the sector.

By way of a preview of what can be expected on next week’s PPC training, Ethan has provided a brief insight into the secrets of the Google Ads Quality Score.

Ethan Giles,
Ethan Giles,

Generating ROI from Google Ads

Last month, we covered part one of getting a positive ROI, where we showed how you could generate your Target Cost per Acquisition. Here’s a little more information, a preview of the content that will be covered at PPC 101 on November 6th.

Quality Score

Quality Score is an often underutilised and misunderstood type of data from within Google Ads. It’s very easy to understand Clicks, Impressions, Conversions and Cost per Click, and how these affect the performance of your campaigns.

If you have more Clicks, more Conversions and a lower Cost per Click, that’s better for the business. However Quality Score is less simple to connect the values given with the performance of your campaigns and ultimately your marketing. 

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is a measure, provided by Google, of how well you are meeting their expectations when targeting a particular keyword. Every keyword within a campaign is given a Quality Score. The score is a mark out of 10, with 10/10 being the best and 1/10 being the best – 7/10 is considered average. 

Quality Score measures three things – 

  • Ad relevancy 
  • Landing page experience
  • Expected Click Through Rate

On these three things you will be told whether they are Average, Below Average or Above Average. Ensure you have Above Average on all three and you will receive a Quality Score of nine or ten. 

Where can I see Quality Score?

Quality Score can be found in the Keywords section of Google Ads. In the left hand menu, select Keywords. You may already have Quality Score selected, but if not, you should click Columns in the menu above the data. Click Modify Columns and then find Quality Score in the section and select Quality Score, Exp. CTR, Landing page exp. and Ad Relevance. These columns will now appear in Google Ads for each keyword.

It is worth noting two things. Firstly, you will not receive a Quality Score for a keyword if the volumes of searches are too low. If nobody searches for your keyword, Google does not review the keyword to be able to ascertain Quality Score.

Secondly, while Quality Score is visible at keyword level, it exists hidden at every level of Google Ads. So your Ad Groups have a Quality Score, your Campaigns have a Quality Score and your account has a Quality Score. It is damaging to your campaign to have multiple keywords with low Quality Score – even if your most important keywords have good Quality Score.

Why does Quality Score matter?

Quality Score matters because it actively affects the costs of your campaigns. Google Ads works like an auction, but is not always “highest bidder wins”.

There are multiple factors such as budgets, the user who searched and previous performance that also affect who appears in what position, or at all. Quality Score is one such metric and one of the most crucial parts of the decisionmaking process when deciding which ad is shown when keywords are searched. 

If everybody who runs ads against a particular keyword receives a Quality Score of 7/10 for that keyword, your bid prices are taken more into account and bidding higher will essentially guarantee you top spots.

If you receive lower Quality Scores, the amount you have to bid has to be higher than those on better Quality Scores for the ad to appear. This increases to 600% more if your Quality Score is 1/10, compared to someone with a 7/10 Score.

That’s already a potential massive saving, created by improving your Quality Score to an average of 7/10. If you do things properly and receive higher than 5/10, you start to receive discounts on your CPCs and could bid lower to be seen when keywords are searched.

The discount gets higher until you receive a discount of up to 30% with a Quality Score of 10/10. However that 30% relates to those bidding with a Quality Score of 7/10. The potential savings from 1/10 to 10/10 are over 1,000% savings! 

Quality Score has to be reviewed and improved!

How do I improve Quality Score?

We will be looking at how you can improve Quality Score in our PPC 101 training session on November 6th. Alongside Quality Score improvements, which could save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in wasted ad spend and improve conversion performance, we will be looking at:

  • Creating campaigns
  • Managing campaigns
  • How to bid adjust
  • How to measure success
  • How to write ads
  • How to find the right keywords
  • How to benchmark against your competition 
  • And so much more!

Ethan will cover Quality Scores and more at PPC 101 training on November 6th. Don’t miss the chance to learn about the vital ins and outs of search marketing. Book your place today!

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