Should I pay for advertising online?

Paid advertising is a great way to increase the number of high-quality visitors to your website. 

Knowing the ins and outs of Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns, the specifics of how to make a campaign worthwhile and perhaps even when to give up on your approach are crucial to achieving results.

This course will challenge you to think how PPC can complement your overall strategy. You will learn how to evaluate and fine-tune your PPC campaigns to improve click-through and conversion rates, as well as review and expand your search term sets to maximise performance. You'll also learn how to effectively track results to maximise ROI through accurate measurement and analysis.

Businesses that show up on the first page of results get 92% of consumer traffic. (Joal House 2019)

How will I benefit?

This is an interactive one-day course that will systematically take you through how to develop and execute a successful PPC strategy.  It will enable you to ask questions and improve your Google AdWords campaigns. You are encouraged to bring your own laptop as you will be working through practical examples. Upon completion of our PPC training you will be able to:

  • Understand what situations is PPC best suited for
  • Gain expertise to effectively run your own PPC campaign or challenge and steer your paid search agency/team
  • Take away tools and techniques that contribute to successful paid search campaigns
  • Develop a monitoring and reporting framework to track your success

This course constitutes the third and final module of our Digital Marketing Skills series, alongside the SEO 101 and Google Analytics workshops.

What's covered?

How to build an effective campaign

  • Essentials of successful paid search campaigns
  • Research Keywords and Search Queries
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Build and construct campaigns
  • Manage bids correctly
  • Tools & techniques 

How to get more out of your campaign

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase transaction values
  • Improve click-through rates 
  • How to combine SEO & PPC for more powerful results 

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Accurately track conversions
  • Properly analyse Data
  • Monitor and improve Keyword, Landing Page and Ad performance
  • Better understand the metrics and terminology

Meet the Experts

Ethan Giles

Ethan Giles is Senior Operations Manager of, a data-driven, psychology focused digital marketing agency based in Lancaster and London. are rated globally as one of the top digital marketing agencies and have Google Premier Partner status. Ethan has delivered a number of training sessions covering the most important areas of digital marketing and have enabled businesses to make intelligent decisions about their SEO, PPC and overall marketing strategies.