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Frame reports 200pc boost in demand for Better Images technology as Christmas looms

Frame's Bratley and Fulton

West-Yorkshire technology and data science business Frame has reported a 200 per cent jump in demand for its Better Images service from retailers as they look to quickly maximise sales in the final run up to Christmas.

With many retailers reporting sluggish sales among the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, Frame has been inundated with enquiries from both ecommerce and traditional retailers who have an online presence.

Better Images improves image quality based on “key data extraction.” It analyses an existing set of images and scores them out of 100 based on sales impact. Centred on that data, it then improves the imagery automatically which ultimately drives conversions and reduces online shopping cart abandonment.

Frame cited the core motivators for success as being around speed, convenience and cost, as the Better Images technology reduces the risk of needing expensive and time-consuming reshoots for poorly performing images – potentially before the product even makes it as far as the online shelf.

Liam Fulton, co-founder and CTO of Frame, said: “Retailers are being battered from all sides [and] many are realising that Better Images is a way for them to buck that trend by focusing on what actually makes people buy – namely the image in front of them. In the past, retailers have been bound by the limitations of needing to do reshoots if their imagery wasn’t delivering, but technology means they can make changes quickly and cost effectively based on accurate data. That will revolutionise the sector over the coming years as it becomes more widely adopted.”

Frame, was established in 2020 by Fulton and Hannah Bratley, was recently appointed by Halfords to implement Better Images across all of its bike categories.

It is a technology and data science business, headquartered in Slaithwaite, which works with clients across the UK and internationally through its consultancy and solutions divisions. The business is also currently developing a brand-new image optimisation product for the e-commerce sector, which will come to market in Q1, 2023.

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