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Creode designs new website for HM Coastguard


Creode is behind the design and build of the brand new dedicated website for His Majesty’s Coastguard.

The website features safety tips, resources, information on HM Coastguard’s services, news and much more, making it the ultimate online resource for anyone interested in the UK’s maritime search and rescue service.

Digital communications manager, Jasper Snaith, at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said: “The site will be a valuable safety asset to anyone living around or visiting the coast, whilst they’ll also find a wealth of information on the 200-year history and diverse range of teams and people that make up His Majesty’s Coastguard—one of the UK’s emergency services. They will also be able to read stories of our courageous coastguard rescue teams from across the country, who respond to 999 calls from those in trouble at the coast.”

As an integral part of the HM Coastguard’s social media strategy, the website will help to signpost key messages and be recognised as a trusted source online. The website will also complement the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s content and services on GOV.UK.

Senior Digital Project Manager at Leeds-based Creode, Olivia Lofts added: “Whilst there was a clear remit to convey vital safety advice for anyone preparing to take a coastal trip, there was also a brief to create more awareness of HM Coastguard as one of the four emergency services. Not only that, we wanted to highlight the many and diverse audiences through the site, which we’ve done through telling real stories through the ‘Your Coastguard’ concept.”

With the new site, safety advice is brought together in one place for the first time, making it easier for visitors to prepare for their trip and stay safe. The new Coastguard website will play a vital role in shaping the future of the Coastguard Rescue Service. The site also features a section for potential recruits, whether volunteering or searching for a full-time career.

With regular updates and annual campaigns, the website will continue to grow and support the mission of HM Coastguard: to search, to rescue, to save.

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