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Cellhire looks to Paris Olympics broadcaster connectivity role following new Orange France agreement

Cellhire, the global connectivity expert specialising in mobile communications and M2M/IoT services, has launched a brand new global connectivity solution, tailored to the needs of media and broadcast companies, from news organisations to sports broadcasters and live entertainment shows.

The offering bridges the connectivity gap between media businesses and their audiences, particularly in remote and temporary locations where fixed connectivity often lacks the required resilience.

The result is more reliable, seamless mobile connectivity for live event reporting and broadcasting which was previously impossible or difficult to achieve.

Matt Bennett, MD of York-based Cellhire, said: “The solution is based on our recent agreement with Orange France, which has opened up hundreds of further networks for Cellhire. It will enable media companies to provide a better service and expand their audience reach.”

The new agreement with Orange France was first announced last month, although the two companies have been working together since the late 90s.

Bennett went on: “By utilising our robust MVNO on the Orange France Network, media users, including broadcasters, can now roam across all four UK networks and, internationally, 700 networks in more than 220 global destinations.”

Cellhire was already a popular choice for news media and broadcasters, having provided data and voice connections at major global events including Summer and Winter Olympic Games to FIFA World Cups, Rugby World Cups and athletics competitions to organisations including the BBC, ITV and Discovery Channel.

Cellhire previously provided over 20,000 connectivity solutions to some of the most prominent media and broadcasters from around the world at 2016’s Rio Olympics, for example, and is now looking ahead to making the most of its new offering at 2024’s Paris Olympics.

“The new offering is a significant step up for Cellhire and its customers,” Bennet explained. “The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris will be a significant event for many of our media and broadcast customers, necessitating seamless and reliable mobile connectivity. Cellhire will enable them to focus on their core tasks without concerns about connectivity issues.”

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