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Leeds app to help Parkinson’s Disease management

Leeds Teaching Hospitals has introduced new smartphone app to aid Parkinson’s Disease Management.

It’s worked with Neu Health on the pilot, which has been designed to monitor and manage the symptoms of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Those behind the app say that one of the most innovative aspects is that it seamlessly integrates with clinical care teams, with information being directly transmitted to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust through a secure dashboard.

“The number of people with Parkinson’s in the UK continues to grow, as the average age of the population increases,” explained Dr Jeremy Cosgrove, Consultant Neurologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

“To keep up with demand and maintain a high level of care, we need to explore new ways of monitoring and reviewing some of our patients.  I am excited to be involved in this project and I look forward to exploring the results and hopefully improving our service.”

Ian Bresloff [pictured], an IT consultant from Leeds who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 53 is one of 90 patients currently using the app:

“I think it’s imperative that there are more objective measures of Parkinson’s symptoms, accessible and measurable in an environment outside of the clinic, providing for ongoing monitoring, with results available for review in the clinic, leading to more data-based medication dosing,” said

“The thought of harnessing the power of AI to inform my progression and treatment interests me, so I am very happy to support it”.

The Neu Health app features symptom logging and digital tests to assess various aspects of Parkinson’s symptoms, including voice, walking, balance, tremor and finger dexterity. Patients can also access information customised to their specific condition.

“We are very excited to partner with Leeds Teaching Hospital on this novel initiative. This approach has the potential to reshape the way Neurology care is delivered within the NHS, ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals. We are really pleased to already see the positive impact it is having,” said Dr Kinan Muhammed, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder at Neu Health.

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