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Cellhire signs global connectivity partnership with Orange

York mobile communications specialist, Cellhire, has signed a “game-changing” partnership with Orange.

The two companies have been working together since 1997, but this new contract will enhance Cellhire’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on Orange Wholesale France’s network.

Cellhire said it would also pave the way for it to introduce a “light MVNO” for voice and data solutions next year.

“This agreement reinforces Cellhire’s dedication to Orange Wholesale France and, more importantly, to our valued customers as we continually enhance our service offerings,” said Tim Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Cellhire.

“Our collaboration with Orange plays a pivotal role in every facet of our operations, empowering us to offer some of the most cutting-edge and competitively priced connectivity solutions available in the market.

“As a global provider of mobile connectivity with industry-leading rates, Cellhire has diligently partnered with Orange Wholesale France to address the present and future requirements of our valued customers within the framework of this agreement.”

Today’s announcement will also see Cellhire enhance its IoT offering through roaming solutions in more than 220 locations, with 700+ network operators.

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our longstanding partnership with Cellhire,” added Bénédicte Javelot, Orange Wholesale France CEO.

“As a renowned global player in the telecoms industry, we are optimistic about the potential of this new framework agreement to take Cellhire to greater heights, particularly as they expand into new markets such as IoT at a rapid pace.”

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