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The PHA Group retained by carbon management platform Emitwise

The PHA Group has been retained for a second year by carbon management platform, Emitwise, to deliver external corporate communications.

The partnership supports the London-based climate tech startup’s mission to help businesses understand, report and reduce their carbon footprint.

Led by Co-Founders Mauro Cozzi, CEO, Ben Peddie, CTO, and Eduardo Gomez, CDO,  Emitwise provides an AI-driven carbon management platform that empowers companies with complex operations and supply chains to account for and lower their emissions.

The company closed a $10m Series A funding round last year and it has raised over $17 million in funding to date to drive further development of its carbon accounting and management software which utilises AI to automate many of the resource-intensive carbon accounting processes while increasing the accuracy of the data for teams to make reduction decisions from. 

The PHA Group has been reappointed to support the communication of Emitwise’s corporate messaging goals, taking on proactive and reactive corporate press office duties. The PHA Group will be responsible for delivering ongoing positive reputational impact for Emitwise through an effective corporate communication strategy targeted at a range of external stakeholders.

The PHA Group will work together with Emitwise to continue to raise the profile of senior leaders and highlight key issues impacting the industry, such as carbon emissions reduction targets, the decarbonisation of industries, renewable energy integration, carbon pricing, and technological innovation. 

Mauro Cozzi, co-founder and CEO at Emitwise, said: “One of our biggest challenges is that a lot of the climate technology is pretty new, and carbon accounting as a practice is only 20 years old. So, education plays a significant role in everything we do. The team at PHA have demonstrated great strategy and creativity in their proactive external communications, helping to educate key stakeholders across a wide variety of verticals.

“They have consistently demonstrated a fantastic understanding of Emitwise, our challenges and the value of our unique proposition. We’re in a position to empower complex businesses and supply chains to meet their net-zero commitments, and we’re excited to share our progress with the world through PHA’s network and strategy.”

Mimi Brown, director of corporate at The PHA Group, added: “We’re passionate about communicating initiatives that make a positive impact on society, and Emitwise is one of those organisations. Given the urgency and severity of the climate crisis, businesses need to have a clear understanding of the polluting aspects of their supply chains. That’s where Emitwise comes in – to provide businesses with state-of-the-art machine learning technology to monitor, report, and reduce their emissions. We’re excited to continue working closely with Emitwise on its corporate communications strategy at a time of heightened ESG scrutiny and an urgency for change.”

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