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Teesside firm launches AI driven audience management platform


Clicksco in Middlesbrough, has launched a new audience management platform, which it says will increase revenue and have better personalisation.

Carbon uses artificial intelligence to help agencies, advertisers and publishers to better use their data.

“Recognising incremental revenue from data and page views are fast becoming the biggest challenges in digital marketing and publishing. Everyone has data, and maybe even growth in unique users, page views and audiences but very few businesses are consistently turning that activity into profit without just adding more advertising,” said Pete Danks, divisional CEO of Carbon who leads Clicksco’s Middlesbrough office.

“Carbon allows advertisers, agencies and publishers to leverage and augment their audience data to extract the most profitable outcomes, through innovative profiling, segmentation, personalisation and data monetisation. It offers an open approach to audience management, by seeking to integrate with as many parts of the digital ecosystem as possible, offering value in multiple stages of the marketing mix.”

Currently in beta, the cloud-based dashboard uses machine learning to better understand the needs, behaviours and intent of consumers from acquisition, through engagement and conversion.

“As technology advances and consumers connect across more devices and platforms, the customer experience becomes fragmented and behaviours constantly evolve, making it increasingly difficult for brands to determine which audiences to communicate with, when, how and where,” continued Danks.

“Effectively, Carbon takes this pain away for publishers, advertisers and agencies. By segmenting audiences in one place, and increasing yield without more ads, customer experiences remain the highest priority. Using intelligent data, brands can also reach audiences at scale while still treating consumers as individuals by tailoring unique online journeys for every visitor from the moment they search to the moment they purchase, through to the moment they become valued customers.”

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