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So long and thanks for all the cats: LADbible editorial chief steps down after over five years

LADbible Group’s head of editorial operations Simon Binns is to step down, promising followers on LinkedIn that it’ll be “A few more weeks and then it’s on to the next one…”

Binns first joined LADbible as an editor in 2018 having previously worked at a number of Manchester publications including the MEN’s City Life and the short-lived but highly respected Crain’s Manchester Business, and was promoted to managing editor of the group in August 2022. At the time of departure his title reads head of editorial operations.

Among all the cat vids, memes and ‘you won’t believe what…’ viral successes, Binns will perhaps be most fondly remembered by media watchers for a gripping Twitter thread which saw him live Tweet an unnamed PR sitting near him on a train journey from London to Manchester as they proceeded to spend the trip sharing their feelings on some of the UK’s best-known media organisations with their colleagues, oblivious to the editor of one a few seats away. We can only hope that once he’s left the role he might name names.

Binns bid adieu to the role, and teased a new one in 2024, after more than five years in a lengthy social media post that read:

“After five and a half amazing years at LADbible Group, I’ve decided that it’s time to move on.

It’s pretty much half the company’s lifespan, which is a bit mad when you think about it that way. The growth, progress and impact of the many excellent brands under the LBG umbrella is so impressive. It’s been quite a journey, for the company and for me too.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing, talented, lovely people and been involved in countless projects, stories and moments that I’ll always be proud of.

Getting LADbible on the COVID TV briefing (and the ensuing social media response), getting run over by Cardi B (she said sorry) and getting a thank you email from the owner of Slush Puppy will all be career highlights in what, let’s face it, never actually feels like a real job.

We also talked to millions upon millions people (over a billion as it goes) and I never once took that for granted. I’ve been very lucky and I’ll always be grateful for that. I’ve worked with some huge brands and organisations on campaigns that address some big subjects and helped navigate teams and audiences through some tricky times. Pandemics are not in the NCTJ training manual.

I’ve learned an awful lot too, from pretty much everyone I’ve worked with. I’m excited to see what the LADs do next, but I do know that there are a whole lot of superstars ready to tackle it head on.

I’m starting a new role in the New Year which I’m very excited about – but more of that down the line.

In the meantime, there are far too many people to thank, but Solly Solomou, Arian Kalantari, Mike Vaughan, Peter F., Jon Birchall, Ben Elshaw deserve a special mention – thanks for putting up with me for so long and for all your invaluable advice, help and guidance along the way.”

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