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LADbible managing editor offers top tip for PRs on trains: Shut up

Avanto West Coast train, G-13114/Creative Commons

Any PRs who have been passing through the Midlands on a London-Manchester trip today might be sweating after Simon Binns, Managing Editor of the LADbible group of entertainment websites, shared some top tips for PRs from his train seat via Twitter.

The former City Life editor suggested that said PRs don’t “slag large media brands off.” That would seem sage advice at the best of times, though perhaps even more so “when you’re sat next to the managing editor of one of them.”


Simon Binns' salient Tweet
Simon Binns’ salient Tweet

Alas, despite the predictable entreaties of the assembled Twitterati for Binns to name and shame the culprits, with the journey now confirmed as over he’s so far remained a model of professionalism and resisted the temptation.

In fact, even though he revealed that the conversation later passed through opinions on a number of other organisations and prominent clients, he hasn’t even responded to queries as to whether “someone” might have taken the trouble to record the conversation for posterity.

LADbible has garnered quite the reputation for its content going viral. Now it looks like its editor could do the same. Awkward.

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