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17,500 copies of LADbible’s F1rst Impressions party game? Yours for £10,001

F1rst Impressions

If you’ve got a serious number of party guests in need of entertaining soon, you might want to check out the JPS Chartered Surveyors, Valuers and Auctioneers website, where 28 pallets of LADbible’s F1rst Impressions party game – that’s 17,500 units – can be yours.

That’s enough editions of the game to keep a minimum of 35,000 guests entertained, and that’s if they all play 1v1. Split into teams and the options are almost infinite.

A spokesman for LADbible Group told Prolific North that the game was introduced around two years ago as an experiment to see if the publisher’s cheeky online persona could be translated into a fun party game in the real world.

We can only assume from the fire sale that ultimately the publisher decided its best work took place in the digital sphere, where the Manchester viral media specialist is among the world’s most avidly consumed sources of news and information on social media – in 2022 it claimed the title of TikTok’s most popular news provider.

The blurb in the LADbible online store tells us: “The way the game works is simple (but heaps of fun!), draw from a pile of notorious celebs and random scenarios and act out the combination for your team to guess. Could you impersonate Donald Trump reading a bedtime story? Or Kermit The Frog on a Zoom call? Perhaps not so simple…but guaranteed fun!

Playable either in a group or 1v1, there’s endless possible impressions you can end up with.

Make sure to capture the best (or worst!) impressions and submit them via the handy QR code on the packaging for a chance to be featured on LADbible.”

If you’re tempted you have until September 19 at 1pm to get your bid in, and the bidding currently stands at £10k. That might sound pricey, but given that the game sells in LADbible’s online store for £24.99, it’s a bargaintastic £427,325 saving on RRP.

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