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Smart care startup uses 4D radar in new approach to elderly fall care


Manchester smart care startup AVERio is on a mission to ensure the safety of elderly and vulnerable people with its hi-tech approach to fall detection and alerting.

Backed by over 30 years’ experience in adult health and social care, AVERio was founded to bring new ideas to the sector, and ultimately improve safety and quality of life for those in receipt of care.

Its non-intrusive sensors are designed to help people live independently in the place of their choosing for as long as possible, providing their care circle with the reassurance that they are safely going about their day.

Its fall sensors use 4D radar technology to determine if a fall has taken place, constantly scanning the room to determine if a fall has taken place. That means there are no cameras, microphones or wearables involved, ensuring automatic detection while maintaining the utmost respect for privacy. The company says its sensors will detect falls within 60 seconds.

AVERio co-founders, Phil Neilson and Matthew Bailey, explained: “For people with elderly relatives, having the peace of mind that your mum, dad or grandparent is safe, and knowing you will be alerted immediately if something isn’t right, can be invaluable. Our smart sensors are linked to an app which can let you know, for example, when a resident’s door opens at night, or when a person is in or out of their bed. Whatever someone’s daily routine may look like, we want to empower carers with data and information to help them to delivery the best care and support they can.”

The founders add that AVERio’s name comprises two parts: ‘AVER’, which is derived from the Latin for ‘truth’; and ‘io’, an abbreviation often used to signify technology and advancement. The name, they say, represents AVERio’s “mission to provide innovation through technology, while also transforming the lives of those who use their services.”

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