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Sheffield agency uses hidden cameras for debut ad campaign

Sheffield gift card

New Sheffield creative agency Icons & Machines has used an unscripted story approach for its debut ad campaign.

The campaign for Sheffield Gift Card takes place in a seemingly normal Italian restaurant. However, it contains hidden cameras that capture diners as they are approached by a mystery stranger who offers to pay their food bill.

“The footage shows the stunning warmth and humanity Sheffield is famous for,” said CK Goldiing, Creative Director of Icons & Machines.

“Sheffield is renowned for its openness, spirit and charm, so when Sheffield Business Improvement District approached my team and commissioned us to create a campaign for the Sheffield Gift Card, I lit up.

“I knew, based on my personal YouTube projects, that hidden cameras would yield something remarkable, and wow, the fine people of Sheffield didn’t disappoint.

“The campaign signals the first commercial application of my H.U.M.A.N technique – an acronym for Heightened Unscripted Marketing And Narrative.

“I’ve seen, via my personal projects, the emotional response viewers have to real-life unscripted storytelling, so the opportunity to breathe similar spirit into commercial advertising was both compelling and irresistible.”

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