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National Videogame Museum opens in Sheffield after Nottingham move

National Videogame Museum

The UK’s only videogame museum opened at its new base in Sheffield city centre on Saturday following three and a half years in Nottingham.

To coincide with the opening, the National Videogame Museum showcased a selection of titles made in Sheffield, including Snake Pass, Monty Mole and Gang Beasts.

The museum, which left Nottingham because the building had become too hard to maintain, features dozens of playable consoles and arcade machines.

Patron Ian Livingstone, who helped launch the Lara Croft franchise, said: “People will be able to experience games for fun but also understand the cultural impact of games. The gaming industry is the largest entertainment industry in the world.”

Director Iain Simons added: “Videogames are a whole spectrum of different things – they’re about music, they’re about writing, they’re about lots of things as well as cowboys and football.

“The games industry in Sheffield is particularly rich and we can plug into that.”

The institution was close to folding in 2016, a year after opening, when the business ran out of money but new investment meant it was able to continue.

It is hoped that the museum, which It allows people of all ages to play, learn and have a go at sharing their own ideas., will attract some 50,000 people to the city every year.

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