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Recite Me introduces new website accessibility scanning tool


Recite Me, the award-winning tech for good web accessibility company, has launched its new Recite Me Accessibility Scanner, just weeks after landing over £4m in funding from BGF.

Recite Me Founder and CEO Ross Linnett is on a mission to make the online world barrier-free for all, in particular those with disabilities, and is dedicated to transforming the way websites are built.

The company’s latest product addresses how businesses approach WCAG issues on their websites. The scanner audits back-end and front-end web development processes by running 396 separate compliance tests in line with national legislation and international web accessibility guidelines, identifying and breaking down issues to fix.

Recite Me recognises that websites are constantly changing as content is updated, edited, and removed – and that can make trying to meet and maintain compliance with the Equality Act and global WCAG Guidelines feel like hitting a moving target.

Its response to the daunting issue of website accessibility is a refreshingly transparent solution that removes the stress and complexity by applying a straightforward four-step process: scan, fix, track, and share.

The Recite Me scanner allows organisations to identify issues on their website, get guidance on fixing them, track their web accessibility progress over time, then share the results via in-depth reports and accessibility statements.

The Recite Me Accessibility Scanner

Linnett, himself dyslexic, said: “Our brand-new Web Accessibility Scanner is the latest addition in our suite of accessibility-on-demand tools. By creating a website compliant solution that helps organisations build websites with accessibility in mind, we can foster online inclusion for all web users.

“Clients using the Recite Me Accessibility Scanner benefit from an ever-improving service. As new accessibility concerns are identified and standards are updated, clients will be the first to know, meaning their accessibility journey is continually strengthened with every improvement. This includes the anticipated change to WCAG standards, WCAG 3.0, due to come into force within the next two years.”

Linnett was inspired to launch Recite Me in 2010 when he struggled with the restricted assistive technology that was integrated into his own work computer. He noticed he was at a widening disadvantage online without additional resources to overcome his exclusion and resolved to find a better solution.

The first product Linnett developed was an assistive toolbar for websites. The Recite Me Toolbar is currently live on over 5,000 websites worldwide, including big-name brands like Halifax, The Very Group, Boots, and Michael Page Recruitment. By giving website visitors the flexibility to make customisations and consume content in their preferred way, the Recite Me Toolbar makes websites more usable for people with a varied range of online access needs.

The launch of Recite Me’s Web Accessibility Scanner goes beyond usability, accounting for a wide range of accessibility considerations, including legal compliance, to make websites truly inclusive for everyone.

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