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Mighty Giant supports launch of new social platform Chatloop


Mighty Giant has completed a set of films to help launch the new Manchester social platform Chatloop.

The app offers unique features which aim to make every website social, and also uses facial recognition to ensure every user is authentic, messages the makers wanted to make front of mind when launching.

“We were approached by the Chatloop team in the summer about helping them with the launch of a new social media product.” said Mighty Giant’s Jonathan Ashworth.. “We were obviously intrigued with the prospect of what they are launching here in our city; and being a Manchester studio we’ve been delighted to help them excite their audience. It was a great experience for us to be involved in the early development of the company, and help them mould the way they connect with their audience”

The Animation & Motion Design studio worked closely with the Chatloop team as they were developing the brand, and helped them create a series of animated films and idents to be used across social channels.

Mighty Giant is supporting Chatloop’s launch

A key feature of the app’s design is the ability to ‘loop’ people into their conversation. The creation of the sound of the ‘loop’, the primary reaction that the user has when interacting, became an important design feature. For this they worked closely with Manchester-based sound designer Dom Storrs.

“It was important to help Chatloop communicate effectively amongst the noise of modern tech in everyday life, and to work as an alert in its own right.” says Dom. “To achieve a warm and engaging feel, we used orchestral strings and synthesis, to create something building that has an idea of the user looping in. It’s a unique sonic ID that we hope will help Chatloop be recognized as it grows and develops.”

‘’Chatloop has been so well received already and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Mighty Giant.” said Chatloop Founder and CEO, Andrew Barlow.

“It is a unique product, and we have formed an unrivalled team of tech and business experts including working with Mighty Giant. They were able to visualise the concept to customers and brands in an incredible way with the animated films created. We are delighted to be announcing the initial phase of beta testing that will be live from the 5th of December”.

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