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Meet Avery Ingram – the UK’s ‘first AI employee’

Avery Ingram

Say hello to Avery Ingram – she’s the UK’s first AI employee and the world’s first AI software developer, according to her creators, and she’s now for hire.

With a ChatGPT generated CV and a DALLE-drawn portrait currently being mailed out to 6,000 tech companies, Ingram has been developed by Hull-based tech business February.

“As the UK’s first AI employee and the world’s first AI software developer, Avery sits within an existing tech team and provides software support by modifying existing code specified by developers,” said Ash Lewis, CEO of February.

Developed by February’s team of software and AI designers, Ingram lists data analysis on cat videos as a hobby on her CV, while her biggest achievement is “developing an algorithm that reduced development time by 50 per cent.”

She has already been appointed to a generative AI software support roles as senior full-stack developer in the development teams at Graze, Propello Cloud, Fabspot and Encode Health, among others.

The ‘UK’s first AI employee’ is here

February has been working on Ingram for the last 18 months on a slate of AI and software projects and has been making waves in the tech scene with product launches that have already included a groundbreaking AI app creator, so simple it only needs one sentence of typed text to create an app.

“This kind of AI-driven simplicity of functionality has always been our goal, providing our clients with a system of ownership that takes away the barriers within,” added Lewis.

Ingram’s CV is being sent out to tech development teams by the specialist employment agencies Better Placed Tech in Manchester and Real Staffing in Leeds, at a monthly rate of between £1,599.00 and £12,500.00 (plus VAT) depending on the size and nature of the client.

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