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February launches ultra-simple AI app building tool

February CEO Ash Lewis

Hull-based no-code app developer February has unveiled a groundbreaking artificial intelligence app creator, so simple it says it only needs one sentence of typed text to create an app.

Working in a similar way to DALL-E’s text into art, February’s new AI uses text into app building software.

February CEO Ash Lewis said: “It’s like DALL-E for apps, as the February AI app creator only requires one short typed text description of what kind of app a customer wants, which is then instantly generated for them, including the full app design and features.

“We don’t know of anyone else doing this for app builds and it is an entirely new AI innovation for this market. There are other app builders in the market that claim to do the same but the build is then done by engineers taking months in development.”

The February approach allows customers to go through a check list of features they want, including design look and business sector functionality. Once customers are happy with their choice there is a paywall before they can access their finished app.

A more customised option allows customers to set up a call to talk to the February team. This allows the team to gain more insight and detail into what customers may want from their app and advise them on best practices. Customer support is available throughout the app building process.

The February team believe the new AI will open up and disrupt the market, providing greater access and choice to customers, driven by high quality functionality and cost-effective solutions.

February’s AI has been supported throughout its development by insights from customers, and has been thoroughly tested with a process of training and testing data sets and a goal of 99.9 per cent accuracy or higher.

The February AI app builder is designed to work for any size and type of business, from start ups to small, medium and large businesses and even enterprise organisations looking for bespoke one-to-one designs. Price points start from £10,000 for instant app generation, and for customers with more complex solutions, the February team are on hand to quote.

At the same time as revealing its new AI offering, February has also unveiled a new branding design and look including eye-catching typography and colour palette.

Lewis added: “We wanted something that was serious, but playful and had a quite a different look and feel that would help set us apart in the app building market.”

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