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February’s new app will drive Rockcity’s customers up the wall

Rockcity's Matt Robinson and February's Tom Lewis

A new UK and international partnership between no-code app developer February and the Rockcity climbing gym businesses has released Rock IT Climbing, a new, custom-designed app for UK and international climbing gyms.

With a modern, super-clean design and user interface, the new Rock IT app allows climbing gyms to create their own fully on-brand app giving their customers far greater flexibility for booking climbing sessions, signing climbing waivers and hiring or buying climbing equipment.

COO of February Tom Lewis said: “We have developed and launched the Rock IT Climbing app to make it easier for climbers to check in to their favourite climbing gyms. Rock IT streamlines the check-in process, improving the climbing experience, making it more about the climbing and less about the check in.”

It has also been launched as a direct replacement competitor to the main legacy software booking systems used by most climbing gyms internationally. Lewis added: “With the current booking systems that climbing walls typically use, there can often be long queues to book and to sign in, to sign the waiver forms, and to rent or buy

equipment, especially on a weekend. Rock IT should go someway to removing those delays, not only reducing or eradicating the frustration felt by customers and staff, but also reducing costs for climbing gyms and their customers while radically improving the customer experience.”

Rock IT went is live now in Scotland and England in the Google and iOS play stores for android and Apple devices. Costing £250pcm to climbing gyms, Rock IT has already been pre-sold into Belgium and Germany, where the app will be available in native languages. The new joint venture is also eyeing the lucrative North American market, where it launches in May at the SWA Summit Exhibition and Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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