Loaf completes NHS brief for GS1 UK

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Manchester-based Loaf, has completed a four month project with not-for-profit organisation, GS1 UK.

The portal and marketing campaign showcase its support and success across the NHS.

Loaf provided insights, audience profiling, creation and production, as well as the content and messaging strategy to underline GS1 UK’s value within the sector.

GS1 UK is a community of more than 38,000 members and operates to open standards and efficiencies across numerous industries.

“Over the last 4 years we have built up a library of impressive success stories of the real benefits GS1 standards are having on the NHS in England,” explained Alex Smith, Head of Marketing, GS1 UK.

“However this evidence was buried on our website and needed to be communicated in a more engaging way. We already had an idea of an approach but this completely changed when we engaged with Loaf. Right from the get-go they challenged our “traditional” view and shifted our mindset to think about more about the end-user, the patient in this case and impact GS1 standards are having on their lives.”

Loaf also produced a video with case studies to “humanise” the impact of their work.

“We approached this project by challenging the brief from the start. We felt we could take it a step further to deliver above and beyond what GS1 UK had set their sights on — we wanted to tell their stories in a high-touch, high-impact way,” added Sarah Joynt-Bowe, Head of Strategy at Loaf.

“We are proud to deliver a solution that really showcases their success in a more human way. It sets the benchmark for the innovative approach they want to pursue moving forward.”

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