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LADbible lands Rishi Sunak vaping exclusive, Twitter has meltdown

In a journey the sheer bizarreness of which has not gone unnoticed by social media users, LADbible appears to have completed a total volte-face from bawdy purveyor of laddish bantz and viral memes to political journal of record following the departure of editorial chief Simon Binns to work as head of content at The Cabinet Office.

In an exclusive with Binns’ Manchester-based former employer, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak chose LADbible as the outlet for his “important update” on the government’s plans to tackle vaping among children (or “kids” as down-with-it Rishi refers to them on the hip website).

His 45-second message revealed that the government will ban disposable vapes following some alarming statistics about the rise of vaping in younger age groups, as well as cracking down on packaging, marketing and flavours designed to appeal to younger consumers.

It’s an important issue for sure, but the choice of mouthpiece left plenty, well, surprised?

Some entered into a game of “spot the exclusive” about other potential issues LADbible could break to the world:

While some were downright unimpressed:

Others were keen to ignore the platform and focus on the message:

There was some impressive whataboutery taking place too. I mean, how dare the PM make a policy announcement about thing x when thing y is also taking place:

And of course some token referencing of culture wars which, to be honest, we’re still struggling to get our head around to find any relevance:

One thing we can probably all agree on, however, is that whether he’s dishing out his pearls of wisdom on LADbible’s Twitter, in the pages of the broadsheets, or under ferocious questioning from Conservative Party press officer BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg, it’s going to take more than a new head of content and a nod to the “kids” to make Sunak come across as an even vaguely relatable member of the human race.

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