Team Cooper hopes to make gamification a Piknik

Stephen Chapman's picture

Team Cooper has launched a new off-the-shelf branded games operation, Piknik.

The Sheffield developer believes it will help marketers engage their audiences through HTML5 games.

The online service enables people to pick a themed game, customise it with their own copy and logo and then release it 48 working hours later.

“We know how important results are to today’s businesses. So to prove the games success, clients can easily find the stats they need, like CTRs and engagement times in their Google Analytics account or we can provide them with an overview,” explained Cari Kirby, marketing manager at Team Cooper.

Further customisation includes the options to add social media sharing and a leaderboard.

“We’re very excited to launch Piknik. It's something we've been gradually working towards over the past few years and I'm really proud of it. We’re looking forward to helping lots of businesses and organisations engage with their audience in fun new ways this Christmas. Next year we’re aiming to roll out more games, while continuing to refine the platform and our processes. Exciting times!” added Team Cooper’s founder and director Tim Cooper.