BrightHR creates clocking in app

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BrightHR has launched a new app to automate the clocking-in process.

Blip will enable staff to log into the app and then scan a QR code when they arrive and leave work. The app then records whether they are in or out, so that employers can track where they are.

Alastair Brown, chief technological officer at the Manchester company explained that they had created the app, because the system had needed an update for a while.

“Although some employees may feel they are being micromanaged by a requirement to clock in, the opposite is actually true. Putting the responsibility for managing time in the hands of employees creates a positive culture in the workplace; employees will feel trusted and aware that their employers had confidence in them to use the clocking in system correctly.

“Additionally, where clocking in links directly to the payroll system, there are less likely to be issues as employees will want to ensure they are receiving their correct pay.”

A recent survey of almost 800 employees found that 74% felt that even the term “clocking in” evoked memories of factories.