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CTV specialist Nexxen to join Jaywing for Leeds Marketing Mastery Summit

Ad tech company Nexxen is joining Jaywing at the agency’s upcoming Leeds event: Marketing Mastery Summit: Unveiling TV Intelligence, Creative Brilliance and Decoding Success, on March 7.

The event promises to provide “unmatched insights to empower marketers in navigating the constantly changing landscape of the advertising and media industry,” and will feature Nexxen’s immersive CTV workshop. Delivered within a cozy living room set, the workshop is designed to transport attendees into the dynamic world of Connected TV.

Hannah McNally, paid media director at Jaywing said:”We’re really excited to announce the Marketing Mastery Summit, a Jaywing and Nexxen partnership event, which is aimed at senior marketing leaders in performance marketing.

“With Nexxen’s innovative creative optimisation testing and insights into CTV assets, attendees will gain actionable strategies for effective marketing. Additionally, our breakout sessions will feature discussions on audience insights, activation strategies, and measuring CTV success, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.”

The Marketing Mastery Summit, taking place from 1pm to 5pm, promises an afternoon of actionable insights, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Sessions include ‘Unlocking Growth with TV Intelligence’ which will explore the effective utilisation of TV intelligence to expand awareness and market share. Attendees will experience data-driven strategies and audience behaviour analysis to enhance marketing precision.

Guests will meet the minds behind Nexxen Studio and unravel the secrets behind crafting impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences in a second session ‘Maximising Creative Impact.’

The third and final session is ‘Decoding Success through Econometrics’ and will immerse the audience in the world of Econometrics including giving insights into measuring the impact of media and creative investments. Key takeaways will encompass how to quantify ROI and optimise future campaigns for sustainable success.

The event will also feature lunch and networking and drinks until 6pm. Find out more and register your interest here.

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