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Morten Rongaard

Morten Rongaard, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group - which recently managed to close a funding round just as the crisis hit - explains what the government needs to be doing in order to support creative startups.

For businesses of all sizes, the coronavirus outbreak is difficult, unexpected, and brings many challenges.

Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of leading influencer agency TAKUMI, takes a closer look at how coronavirus is affecting the marketing world.

Andrew Trotman, It's Gone Viral

Andrew Trotman, MD of It's Gone Viral, shows why social media means so much now, when people are divided and isolated, but looking for ways to help each other.

A closer look at some of the companies that are still hiring, can help provide foresight on how post-pandemic companies can become more adaptable.

Niki Lancaster, Head of Social at Search Laboratory, gives her top tips for marketers looking to adapt their social strategy at this challenging time when adaptability and responsiveness are vital.

Emma Thompson, Head of Agency at Golley Slater, is looking positively to the future. She says that things might be difficult right now, but there will be positive repercussions in terms of team spirit and resilience in the long run.

Alan White, Business Development Director at The Translation People, outlines the tools available for businesses reviewing their event strategies - so that when we do meet again, we'll all be stronger than ever.

Dave Jones, NED and Chair of the Northern IT Leaders Group, explains why those who understand the value of infrastructure, policies, and strategy are the ones coping more capably through the coronavirus crisis.

Ian Birkett, Creative Director at Corporate Culture, explores what creative teams can take from behavioural science to better understand how people think, and use it to improve their design.


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