Newspaper reporter is the worst job in the world (apparently)

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by Stephen Chapman

Dishwashers, accountants and estate agents - they’ve all probably got a better job than you, unless you’re a web developer, or an actuary.

Well, that’s according to a survey by job site, which has analysed and ranked 200 jobs and decided that being a newspaper journalist is indeed the worst career you could possibly have.

It cites low pay, high stress, “ever-shrinking newsrooms and competition from Internet businesses” as some of the reasons why it’s at the bottom of the list.

Photojournalists (188) don’t fair much better, with a job only marginally worse than that of a dishwasher; while broadcasters (184) apparently have it slightly better than waitresses, but not as good as butchers.

Also in the bottom half of the table are photographers (172), publication editors (168), film/video editors (138), broadcast technicians (128) and advertising account executives (124).

Meanwhile PR executives are lucky, in at 73, with a slightly better job than an insurance underwriter, but not as good as a nuclear decontamination technician or plumber.

Event coordinators are up at 62, while at a dizzying 24 in the list are web developers, who are up alongside historians and podiatrists.

The best 3 jobs to have, according to the survey, are software engineer (3), biomedical engineer (2), but actuary comes out in first place.

The survey, based in America, rated jobs on average salary, physical demands, stress, working environment and projected job growth.