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A Week in My Life: Kimberley Waldron, Co-Founder, SkyParlour

Kim Waldron

Kimberley Waldron is co-founder of SkyParlour, a specialist PR agency for businesses across the fintech, regtech and ecommerce sectors.

Founded in 2009, the agency has offices in both Manchester and London with three divisions – Started, Scale and Consult – for growing tech businesses.

Here, Waldron shares a recent week in her life…


It’s Monday, and we’re gearing up for another bustling week at SkyParlour Started. Together with my team, we’re following up on any remaining media opportunities from last week’s exclusive Confide launch event. We organized this event in collaboration with our client, Confide, and its CEO and co-founder, Pav Gil, at the Shard in Central London.

We love working with clients like Pav who are so passionate about their mission. He’s working to redefine corporate governance and foster a more robust whistleblowing ecosystem with an innovative tech-first platform. It’s an exciting pursuit and underscores the transformative potential impact that fintech can have in solving long-standing, real-world problems.

Later, I have a quick catch up with another client on a noble path, embedded sustainability leaders, ekko. I get updates on some of their exciting upcoming projects. My brain immediately starts whirring about how we can use impactful PR initiatives to publicize these activities when they’re ready to be shared with the world. Working alongside innovators like Confide and ekko continually energizes my team and me, and we’re eagerly anticipating what the future holds for them both.


Tuesday was dedicated to amplifying the insights of SEON, a new leader in the cybersecurity realm and a long time collaborator with SkyParlour Started. Their latest report casts a revealing light on the surge of online fraud, a specter haunting numerous sectors. We’ve worked hand-in-glove with SEON for many years implementing a highly effective communications program underpinned by strong, objective reporting. Ultimately, our aim is not only to spotlight our clients but to champion substantial discourse grounded with relevance and insight, which leads to reports that demand widespread industry attention, such as this.

I always tell potential new clients; we’re not just about press releases and social media buzz. We dig deep, unearthing the stories that matter, the insights that shake up the fintech and tech worlds. SEON’s journey from a cybersecurity start-up to a leading authority on online fraud is a story of strategic narratives and impactful thought leadership—a testament to the power of media engagement, and modesty aside, proof that we’re pretty darn good at it.


A rare Manchester sun greeted me on my weekly office day, a reminder of the city’s shining fintech scene. Manchester’s recognition as Europe’s fastest growing fintech hub is a testament to the relentless innovation and talent flourishing here. We’ve been privileged to work with some incredible local businesses over the years and continue to do so to this day with the fast developing Ryft, who are based just down the road.

Given we’re both in the neighborhood, I pop Ryft’s Director, Alex Mackenzie a quick WhatsApp to see if he fancies a coffee. Within 30 minutes, we’re both sat down over two flat whites and well into discussions about what’s next for the company as it looks to further streamline payments for marketplaces and digital platforms. It’s great to hear founders share their vision first-hand and I come away from the conversation with some great insights.


Throughout the week, my whole team is working hard to refine and develop PR strategy. We’re always looking to align our sights with the shifting horizons of tech and fintech. The agenda for the upcoming week is brimming with promise, featuring crucial face-to-face meetings with two of our most cutting-edge clients, IOV Labs and Weavr. Their groundbreaking work in layer 2 blockchain technology and embedded finance, respectively, not only keeps us agile but also continuously engaged.

Once done planning next week’s trips, I find some solace late on Thursday afternoon by digging into some of the broader discourses happening across the fintech and tech landscapes. Call me ‘old school’, but I think taking the time out to read articles, watch panel debates and consume other bits of media is still super important. I know there’s been a real shift to short-form content, which is easy to digest but I often find these renderings lack the nuances you need to generate real insights.

These reflective moments are crucial. They remind us that, despite our forward-looking strategies and the fast pace of our work, grounding our efforts in comprehensive industry insights is key. For clients like IOV Labs and Weavr, whose innovations speak to distinct audiences, it’s our nuanced understanding and storytelling prowess that enable us to effectively illuminate the real-world impact of their technologies. By highlighting their unique value propositions, we not only make these groundbreaking companies more accessible but also ensure they resonate deeply with their stakeholders.


It’s Friday, and it’s International Women’s Day (IWD). The occasion served as a poignant ending to my busy week, compelling me to pause and reflect on the state of gender representation within the fintech and technology sectors. I sometimes joke that I’ve worked in fintech before it even existed, and remember what things were like more than 15 years ago when the industry was first developing.

While things aren’t perfect, I feel confident in saying the sector has made progress over the years. Events like IWD give us a chance to acknowledge this and affirm the incredible work of so many talented women that have helped make this so. That effort continues to this day, and when I look at the incredible women working in the field today, including those working for me at SkyParlour Started, it’s a real thrill.

I know the next generation of women coming through in fintech will have even more role models to look up to than I did when I was first starting out. Of course, I hope those on my team take some inspiration from me, but they’re really spoiled for choice as we work with so many outstanding female leaders, including Lena Hackeloer, CEO and co-founder of Brite Payments, another long-term client who secured a £60m investment round last year.

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