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A Week in My Life: Andrew Maylor, Sales director, Dark Horse

Andrew Maylor - Dark Horse

Andrew Maylor is sales director at Dark Horse, an Altrincham-based digital marketing agency.

Maylor initially joined the agency in 2019 as business development manager before being promoted to sales director in 2021.

Offering services across PPC, SEO and Paid Social, Dark Horse was named as one of Prolific North’s Top 50 Digital Agencies in 2022 and works with clients across various industries from luxury items to clothing and health.

We found out what a week in Maylor’s life looked like…


My week starts early as need to get my boy up and ready for school; I juggle getting him dressed and ready whilst having a quick glance at Teams before rushing out the door. It’s always a race to the school gates. Post-pandemic, I’m in the office more frequently (three or four days a week) but today I think I’ll work from home.

First things first, quick catch up with PPC, paid social, SEO and marketing team to see how their weekends were and any key notes for the week ahead. Monday is typically my admin day. It is a case of getting various meetings slotted in for the week and catching up on emails. I manage a few calls here and there, this can be either with current clients or prospects, before returning to the ever-growing inbox. Before I know it, it’s lunchtime.

Need to take my little Scottish terrier, Millie out for a walk to stretch both our legs, she’s been looking at me, bored, for a few minutes now. To keep motivation high after lunch I put some Sugababes on. Trawling through more emails and sending out some contracts (get in) and renewals.

Time flies by, it’s off to pick up the boy from school and thus begins the balance of play and working until bedtime.


I typically come into the office on Tuesdays, most of the SEO team are also in, it is always good to catch up with them face-to-face. Most Tuesdays I bring a little guest with me, Millie. She’s a big hit when she comes to the office. She gets more attention than me.

My Tuesdays often comprise audit presentations to new clients and catching up on audits for later in the week too. It’s not often I don’t have an audit to pitch. I’m also on the phone a lot, calling to set up meetings for additional new business. The pipeline doesn’t sleep and let’s be honest, someone’s got to keep the teams busy.

As it is with sales, I work with every department, so I have a regular meeting with our head of marketing, Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane to discuss the sales pipeline and any additional lead generation opportunities on the horizon.

When it gets to lunchtime, I have to find which corner of the office Millie is currently resting at and try wrangle her for an outside walk (toilet break). It’s Manchester so more likely than not, it’s cold and wet, neither of us want to be going out there. Got to be done, sorry Mills.

In the afternoon, I sit with the SEO team as they’re in the office to discuss client progress before a video call to the paid social and PPC team to do similar. One last quick check on emails and the old sales pipeline, then off home. Don’t know who is more exhausted me or Millie.


Wednesdays are usually very client facing for me. Lots of coffee and pastries will be consumed on this day. Although, I’m not complaining. It begins with client catchup calls. This is typically going through performance updates, client feedback etc. and some even involve going to our client offices – nice to face-to-face meetings back on track now covid doesn’t prevent it.

When I’m not in a meeting or in and out of the office, I’m continuing my grind of keeping pipeline activity flowing, this is often with follow-up calls to prospects, getting those audit meetings booked in for the teams and consequently going through audits that are due to be pitched later in the week.


Thursdays are very similar to Tuesday and Wednesday. Lots of sales activity happening behind the scenes – need to keep up with the calls too. The PPC and paid social team are in on a Thursday so that often means lots of catching up with them, discussing performance, client onboarding, upcoming audits, client feedback etc. All the stuff you’ve probably read on here already. The tasks in my role might be similar, but the variation comes with each client, what they are like, the industry they work in, the challenges they face and those we solve. It’s these details that I like.

The biggest discussion is often what are we going to have for lunch. Chaos has ensued recently as our local Mexican place appears to be shut, team are gutted at the news. As I stare at my son’s dinosaur lunchbox containing a ham sandwich and two mini Petits Filous yoghurts… I wave the team off as they debate the new venue – one crucial decision has already been made. I will be good and keep to my lunch, but I am going to Tesco’s to get some chocolate peanuts.


It’s finally Friday.

Again, it’s a toss-up on whether to come into the office today. Usually, I stay at home unless there is a client coming in. More often than not, my Fridays are once again admin based, reviewing client agreements, sending out renewals and contracts. Often going back and forth with the accounts department to get the details set up once a contract has been signed. I like to do this in the hopes that on Monday I can just crack on with things but it’s never the case.

I end the day with a review of the week before logging off and pouring a glass of wine… or two.

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