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About SkyParlour

SkyParlour brings B2B audiences to our clients in new, creative ways through meaningful content, targeted PR, stakeholder engagement and social media. In the era of online communications, we make each voice matter.

Founded in 2009, from day one we have focused on serving the eCommerce, Payments, Cybersecurity and Fintech industries. Based in the UK, we have a proven track record of servicing technology brands across the UK, Central Europe, Australasia and North America.

We are committed to producing meaningful, content-based campaigns that drive positive engagement for our clients. We are a vital part of the sales and marketing strategy, optimising content distribution channels, accessing international influencer groups and creating widespread advocacy.

As a team, we are not followers, we think differently, and we lead. We are not waiting for B2B PR to evolve, we are redefining its position and value. We trust our people, and together we will maximise our potential.

For more information, get in touch with: Angela Yore, MD and Co-Founder.


Meet the Team

Angela Yore
MD & Co-Founder
Kimberley Waldron
Sangeetha Narasimhan - EMEA Marketing Director, SMB
Ingenico ePayments
SkyParlour has helped us position and extend our online and mobile payments offering through targeted approaches in the right channels, supported by excellent content creation. We highly value the team's initiative, quick responses and useful insights into breaking industry trends.
John Davies - Chairman
SkyParlour made a major contribution to our UK and US launch. With a highly-focused series of media campaigns in The Wall Street Journal, New Statesman and Financial Times and, our brand continues to get national attention.
Monica Eaton-Cardone - COO & Co Founder
We originally contracted SkyParlour to help bring our US brand, Chargebacks911, into Europe. The team has secured a series of high-profile speaker positions for us at the most influential events across payments, travel, ecommerce and security. Not only this, but with some excellent, proactive creative content, the agency has ensured a presence for us in international publications on a consistent basis. Thanks so much, guys!

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We’d be delighted if you have time to delve further into our approach by taking a look through how some of our clients and partners feel about working alongside us.

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