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Carat UK

Carat UK

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About Carat UK

Our culture is centred around three core values. Empathy, Advocacy and Generosity. We strive to understand what people think, what they feel and what they need.

We believe the world would be a better place if all relationships had a more human understanding. We’re proud of our philosophy because it’s proven to inspire and galvanise our people, our culture, our client relationships, and our award-winning work.

It’s the internal and external expression of who and what Carat is as a collective of colleagues and friends and ultimately leverages our biggest asset – our people – and helps them get to better work through a better way of thinking and doing.

We’re no shrinking violets. Once we understand what people need and want, we advocate for it.

We support each other; we support those without a voice. We advocate for our industry and for the power of media, brand, and its ability to drive business growth.

We’re generous in what we put into our interactions to ensure everyone is getting value from us and vice versa.

Carat UK

Carat UK

Meet the Team

Clare Chapman
Charles Reid
Managing Director, Manchester
Andrea Potter
Managing Director, Leeds
Chris Davies
Joint Head of Strategy, Manchester & Leeds
Philippe Fèraille
Business Development Director

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