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YouTube prankster brings “sex noises” to BBC FA Cup coverage

YouTube prankster BMWJarvo at work, YouTube

A YouTube prankster known as BMWJarvo (the BMW stands for Britain’s Most Wanted rather than the popular German executive saloon) succesfully pranked Gary Lineker and the BBC studio team during live coverage of tonight’s Wolves v Liverpool FA Cup replay.

Jarvo and his team of comic masterminds had secreted a mobile phone in the studio ahead of broadcast, and each time Jarvo called the phone its ring tone let out a stream of “porn noises” to the confusion of the studio team and viewers at home alike, while Jarvo streamed events to his followers.

The stream starts with the prankster saying “we have set up a phone with a loud sex noise in the BBC studio at the Wolves vs Liverpool FA Cup replay,” and proceeds to follow him repeatedly calling the hidden phone, along with the accompanying aural hilarity.

Lineker gamely tried to deal with the situation by bringing Alan Shearer in from the box saying “I don’t know who is making that noise but Alan Shearer is on the commentary gantry.” He added: “It is noisy…I am not sure if someone is sending something on somebody’s phone.”

Meanwhile when Lineker admits he doesn’t know where the noise is coming from, the streamer can be heard shouting “It’s me” and reeling off a list of his social media handles.

At one point the prankster is clearly concerned his feed isn’t working, wondering “why haven’t we got any comments?” At another point an unseen sidekick is heard complaining of a streaming error, but all is well when Jarvo proclaims “It’s working, we’ve got loads of comments.” Jarvo can also be heard talking to a third accomplice, Tommy, who appears to be the planter of the offending phone.

The whole stunt lasted for just over 10 minutes of the pre-match.

Jarvo and his team probably won’t win any awards for the nuances of their comic efforts, but Lineker took the evening’s events in good humour tweeting, when the team had finally located the offending phone, that “as sabotage goes it was quite amusing.”

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It was just the beginning of a bad night for tech at Molyneux – a few minutes into the game the floodlights cut out, causing confusion among the ref and players as to how to restart the game when the light returned, and the power cut kept VAR out of action for around 16 minutes once the lights were back on though, judging by events in the weekend’s Manchester derby, nobody watches VAR anyway.

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