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What’s this sh*t all about?

MadeByBrave gets to the point in a new out of home campaign for World IBD Day this weekend.

Launching in Scotland today, the campaign aims to spotlight the issue of social estrangement around inflammatory bowel diseases.

The creative features the world’s first giant QR code, generated from 100 toilet rolls – one in 100 people suffer from IBD. 

When scanned it plays a straight-talking film about how “sh*t” it is living with IBD. The film features football legend, Alex McLeish OBE, and musician Rick Parfitt Jr, as well as a number of ‘real’ people living with IBD.

“Tackling such a sensitive subject as IBD was a real challenge, but we wanted to tackle the cold, hard facts of how it feels to live with IBD head on,” explained Jamie Axford, Creative Director, MadeBrave.

“So, we took the ultimate symbol of going to the toilet – the loo roll and then called out how ‘sh*t’ it is living with IBD in a very direct way, both in the script and through the medium of the graffiti. Building on that, we then hid our film stars behind the QR code, essentially putting them indoors — a metaphor for how it can feel living with IBD. Isolated from society.”

The billboard is supported by social media and PR.

The agency, which is based in Edinburgh and Glasgow was commissioned by charity, The Catherine McEwan Foundation – a charity dedicated to supporting individuals living with inflammatory bowel diseases.

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