Newly announced training course will provide insights on time management and productivity

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We're pleased to announce our next Prolific Training course will provide an invaluable all-round look at time management, hosted by the Managing Director of Quarterdeck.

Laura Bouttell, who heads up the business development training provider, will lead 'Time Management in the 21st Century' at the offices of Prolific North on Princess Street in Manchester. The half-day course is intended to help attendees get up-to-speed with new time management practices and how others are using them to successfully increase productivity.

It is based on the principle that in the modern age, technology has helped us do things faster and more efficiently, but we may have foregone productivity.

Ticket-holders will learn how to take control of their time, why they can't control their own time, and how to get the most out of their days and weeks.

Bouttell, who will lead the course, has extensive experience across a range of sectors. She has worked in accounting, law enforcement, business and academia - and brings it all together to help people from all industries through education.

The Time Management course takes place on January 30th between 9am and 12:30pm, providing a hands-on experience of boosting productivity. Tickets can be booked here, and are priced at £99 + VAT.

Previous successful Prolific Training courses include our trio of digital marketing essentials sessions - covering SEO, PPC and Google Analytics - as well as Podcasting for Business and Social Media Strategy. Each one has provided its range of attendees with practical and tangible advice to take back to their colleagues.