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Studio Up North helps ‘proper shoemaker’ LANX to spread the word


Manchester branding agency Studio Up North (SUN) has teamed up with LANX, a Lancashire-based footwear manufacturer that is “dedicated to quality, craft, and service.”

The company approached SUN as the brand needed a new proposition that would capture the spirit of adventure, which is at the heart of everything LANX does.

SUN developed a visual language and messaging that draws inspiration from the UK’s rich footwear heritage, with a further focus on the way in which LANX uses only the finest materials and traditional manufacturing techniques.

The new proposition emphasises the footwear manufacturer’s “commitment to championing traditional quality alongside innovative design and materials, whilst also capturing the sense of adventure and excitement that the company wants to inspire in its customers.”

One of the key elements of the project was the creation of the statement “Get ’em worn,” which has been developed for tactical communications and campaign messaging.

This simple but powerful line encapsulates the dual message that LANX wants to communicate to its customers: get our shoes on and go explore the world, whilst adding character and personality to your shoes, and yourself.

Overall, SUN said it has “created a brand proposition that captures the essence of the company’s values and mission, while also inspiring customers to embrace the spirit of adventure and make every day an opportunity for discovery and exploration.”

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