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STMGRP launches ‘grow your own’ approach to attracting new talent

Creative group, STMGRP is launching a range of new initiatives under the banner of ‘Grow our Own.’

Picking up on the success of student outreach and placement opportunities pre-pandemic within Shoot the Moon & Delineo, the group plans to grow the team with a sustained programme of outreach into schools, universities and wider organisations working with young people.

Philip Marshall, CEO of STMGRP, said: “This has been developing in the background for a few years now, culminating in a programme of activity that chimes with our ambition for the team. A new Apprenticeships Programme has been launched across the agency. We now also have guest lecture spots at universities, with opportunities to feed into the curriculum and support graduates to be ‘industry-ready’, which in-turn opens up opportunities for post-grad placements and opportunities for the wider alumni.”

Marshall added that traditional recruitment methods tend to be tough, short-term and expensive, and said that the group’s new programme looks to attract, develop and retain talent, while also widening the net and introducing the creative industries to those who may not even see them as an option

He continued: “With the right approach, its an absolute win win; great for the team, the agency, welcomed by our clients and open for our wider community.”

Catherine MacDonald, head of people at STMGRP, added: “This is just the start, and we are looking for partner organisations to deliver on this holistic programme. With bases in Manchester and Leeds City Centres and our satellite studio in Lancashire, the key to this is contact. You can not nurture new talent at arm’s length.

“We have worked this through with the team as part of their own development and agreed that there needs to be a commitment to be much more present, face-to-face and work with our partners and new intake to make it a success. This is central to our People Plan, rebalancing the team post-lockdown, balancing flexibility with f2f collaboration, sharing knowledge and expertise in exchange for fresh new minds, drive and enthusiasm.”

Driven by the board, MacDonald and wider SLT, the project is central to the group’s 23_26 plan and gaining momentum.

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