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Smart City Platform goes live in Sunderland


Sunderland has started the launch of a new Integrated Smart City Platform (ISCP), provided by Connexin.

Based on the ConnexinOS platform, it will bring together data sets from Adult Social Care, Council Tax, Anti-Social Behaviour, Environment Incidents & Health and Child Services from the Council and will include third party data.

This information can be aggregated and analysed to inform a coordinated multi-agency responses at the “earliest point.”

“Our new contract with Connexin marks another significant milestone for our smart city as we strive to make Sunderland a leading global smart city of the future,” said Liz St Louis, Assistant Director of Smart Cities at Sunderland City Council.

“Connexin’s experience in delivering end-to-end smart city projects with an agile, flexible and collaborative approach meant they were the perfect partners to meet our needs in the short term, but also increasing the scope and capabilities of the platform into the future. Working together, we will be able to put in place a platform that will further revolutionise our services, continuously improving the smart management of our city to create better futures for our communities.”

ConnexinOS uses Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning to identify trends in the data and suggest the best course of action.

The innovation comes following last year’s announcement that the council had signed a 20-year strategic partnership with BAI Communications to design, build and operate next-generation digital infrastructure including a private 5G small cell network.

The contract between Sunderland City Council and Connexin will run for 3 years and will cover the entire lifecycle of the project from concept to delivery.

“Having deployed the UK’s first ever smart city platform for Hull City Council in 2019, we are thrilled to be able to work with another forward-thinking council and empower Sunderland to develop and level-up through the power of technology to benefit their residents,” added Ralph Varcoe, Chief Growth Officer at Connexin.

“Sunderland is a shining example of what towns and cities across the UK can achieve when they embrace smart solutions and we are delighted to be implementing ConnexinOS to develop this further.”

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