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SICK! Festival announces Where’s the Media Now…? programme

SICK! Festival has announced the programme for May 2024’s Where’s the Media Now…?

Created and curated in collaboration with residents, venues, and community groups, Where’s the media now…? tackles subjects affecting the North Manchester areas of Moston, Harpurhey and Charlestown, whilst celebrating those within them.

The programme features workshops, installations and drop-in art projects which take place both online and in person, bringing unique work by local, UK and international artists engaged with local concerns to festival goers. Festival hosts Creation Foundation and Poor Lass will tune audiences in to critical conversions of health in our communities, connecting them those in wider society.

Among the highlights are the two-day North Manchester Film Festival at Moston’s Miners’ Community Centre, Gerel Falconer’s hip hop opera Tones, and a six-hour exploration of waiting, including a free service wash, in the form of immersive artist Merel Smitt’s The Launderette Sessions, at Harpurhey’s Amazing Grace launderette. Most events are free, with £7.50 cap for those that do feature a cover charge.

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